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home | Free Tennis Coaching Tips
Free Tennis Coaching Tips
Free Tennis Coaching and Tennis Training Tips

We have provided free tennis coaching and tennis training tips and content in this section to give you an idea of the kind of information you'll find in the members' area of our Academy.


There is so much more that you cannot see as it is protected for members use only. This includes tennis lesson plans, training drills, fitness tips and drills, worksheets, templates, assessments, checklists, eBooks, special reports, tennis photo gallery, interviews, resource directory and much more!


As the tennis world moves and changes at a rapid rate, so does our Tennis Coaching Academy to stay on top of evolving trends and information to assist our members.


Good luck with your tennis career and we hope to see you as a valuable member of our Academy of Tennis Coaches and Players! 



 Tennis Coaching Tips and Tennis Training Articles

Achieving Greater Tennis Success and Consistency in Competition
Achieving Greater Tennis Success and Consistency in Competition Achieving Greater Tennis Success and Consistency in Competition. It's one thing to be a great player when on the practice courts, but where it counts is when you are in competition and are actually playing for something. One major key to success in match play is your mindset. When in competition you need to be aware of what you are thinking. . . . keep reading
Your Mind and Body Connection. One Without the Other Will Lead to Failure!
Your Winning Mindset. If you want to reach your potential as an athlete you must actively engage all areas that are essential for attaining a "Winning Mindset." And one of the most important factors that has a direct impact on your mental state is your mind -- body connection. . . . keep reading
French Open 2012 Preview
With an injury cloud hanging over Rafa, this years men's event seems open for Djokovic to claim the missing piece of his career slam; Federer to convert his recent great form into more grand slam success; or Murray take his 1st major. Don't discount 'The Beast', Nadal's compatriot David Ferrer who is a proven clay court performer. . . . keep reading
Playing Tennis and a Positive Mindset for Winning
Tennis is a game of decisions. Throughout an entire match from start to finish you will be faced with constant decisions. Before you even start playing you decide which end to start from, whether you will serve or receive, whether or not you will play from the baseline or serve and volley. . . . keep reading
The Masters Champion and a Recipe for Tennis Success
The Masters Champion and a Recipe for Tennis Success Roger Federer claimed his 6th end of season tennis championships in 2011. Although Federer failed to claim a grand slam for the first time since 2002, this triumph goes some way to restoring his standing at the top of the game. His younger competitors Djokovic, Nadal and Murray were all well below their best and injuries, illness and fatigue took hold. Federer's management of the long tennis season was masterful, winning three big events in Basel, Paris and London to finish the season and launch into the 2012 with renewed confidence and enthusiasm. . . . keep reading
The Art of Tennis Coaching: The Art of Feeding
The Art of Tennis Coaching: The Art of Feeding With all the biomechanists, psychologists, physiologists etc... in the game it might seem that the science is taking over. The skilled coach, however, knows that the art of tennis coaching is the secret to success. It's not what you do or what you know but how you do it. How you manage people's tennis in a way that keeps them coming back for more. In this series of articles we will explore The Art of Tennis Coaching...THE ART OF FEEDING . . . keep reading
Petra Kvitova and the Strike 1st Game Style
Petra Kvitova and the Strike 1st Game Style Petra Kvitova put her stamp of the season ending WTA champs in Turkey, and marked herself as the next world #1 in the women's game. Kvitova remained undefeated through the week against the top 8 ranked players in the world and her completely offensive game was sometimes breathtaking. Kvitova's style of game can best be described as "Strike 1st" and several of the women's top players employ a similar attitude... . . . keep reading
US Open Men's Final 2011
US Open Men's Final 2011 The US Open Men's Final was a showcase of modern tennis. After miraculously scraping through against Roger Federer, Novak Djokovic won his 3rd major for the year and his 1st US Open to confirm he is clearly the world's best player in 2011. The effort of beating Federer and Nadal in consecutive matches cannot be underestimated -- while the standard and intensity of play in the final was often breathtaking. The big issues to come from the final were... . . . keep reading
The Art of Tennis Coaching - Court Organisation
The Art of Tennis Coaching - Court Organisation How you organise the students on your court is one of the tennis coaches key responsibilities. Class ratio's are a tricky issue, small enough that each student gets enough attention; but big enough to keep the tennis clubs economy running. Ultimately a well organised coach can handle 6 -- 8 students on a court and more children in one place at one time can create more energy and interaction. . . . keep reading
Are You Ready to Coach a College Tennis Team? Coaching a College Tennis Team in the USA.
Are You Ready to Coach a College Tennis Team? Coaching a College Team in the USA. Coaching a collegiate sports team can be a rewarding experience for a coach, it can also be quite stressful and challenging if you do not understand what you might be getting yourself into. . . . keep reading
Common Tennis Coaching Problems - Dealing With an Extreme Grip
Tennis Coaching - Many coaches will have confronted the challenge of working with players who have an extreme western forehand grip ingrained in their technique. The western forehand grip is characterised by having the wrist 'underneath' the racquet as illustrated, resulting in a more closed racquet face than traditional semi western and eastern forehand grips. . . . keep reading
Tennis Quotes - Free Tennis Quotes eBook
Tennis Quotes - Free Tennis Quotes eBook Free Tennis Quotes eBook - In this Free Tennis Quotes eBook you will find some of the great quotes made by some of the game's greatest players. These tennis quotes will motivate and inspire all players to achieve their full potential and strive for greatness. . . . keep reading
Tennis Psychology - How Does Anxiety Negatively Impact Your Tennis Performance?
Tennis Psychology - How Does Anxiety Negatively Impact Your Tennis Performance? Tennis Psychology - It is important to acknowledge that anxiety is different from stress. As a tennis player you will experience higher levels of anxiety when you feel that you lack control over circumstances. Unfortunately for an athlete increased anxiety will often lead to increased negative thinking which ultimately erodes your winning mindset. . . . keep reading
Tennis Training - Speed Training Drills for Tennis
Tennis Training - Speed Training Drills for Tennis Tennis Training - In this Speed Training Drills eBook for Tennis Players you will Find: Topics Including: Introduction to Speed Training, What is speed?, The role of speed in tennis, Injury concerns, How do you train to become a faster athlete and 29 Speed Training Drills for Tennis Players! . . . keep reading
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 Tennis Coaching Members Testimonials
Here's What Our Online Tennis Academy Members Are Saying ...

Great Tennis Coaching Reference!


Over the last few years, tennis has evolved into a physical battle. Many times the difference between winning and losing is not so much how you hit the ball, but how well you move and how long you can last. When I am working with a player, I emphasize a foundation based around anaerobic conditioning and correct movement technique.


The Tennis Fitness and Tennis Drills eBooks are a great reference for coaches and players to find drills and exercises that allow them to reach their physical potential and maximise on-court results.


Mark Wellington, MA. CSCS. PTR Tennis Performance Specialist

Former Fitness Trainer to Maria Sharapova, Daniela Hantuchova and Xavier Malisse

Great Tennis Coaching Tool!

Having been in the tennis industry for over 30 years, I have seen many changes to the approach to coaching. The Tennis Drills manual is a great coaching tool as it provides hundreds of drills designed specifically for you the coach. I have used this manual at my three tennis centres in order to help train my staff, it's great for inexperienced, experienced and elite coaches.

Richard Foley, Director VTA, Melbourne, Australia


Your Tennis Academy is a Fantastic Resource!

"The GTC tennis coaching and fitness manuals have been a fantastic resource to my lesson plans and overall coaching. The manuals have aided me to keep my lessons fresh and interesting, as the manuals provide hundreds of new and innovative drills. Not only has it been a great resource for myself, but also for the coaches assisting me, as well as the coaches starting out. These manuals have been a worthwhile investment that I would recommend to all coaches"

Steph Collis,  TCA Development Coach Head Tennis Coach, Melbourne Australia


A Very Practical Tennis Coaching Website!

Thanks Global Tennis Coaching for producing a very practical tennis coaching manual and website. This is the first coaching manual that I have purchased that has specific drills that are easy to follow with the necessary progressions that relates to different standards. Thanks for making my job easier…"

Matthew Breeze, Tennis Development Officer, South Leeds Tennis Centre, United Kingdom

An Essential Tennis Coaching Reference!

"As Tennis Coaches it is a constant battle to come up with and invent new training drills and exercises to keep our players interested and eager to learn.  Having used the Global Tennis Coaching Drills manual over the past 6 months I have found it an essential reference when planning weekly lessons.  It is a great coaching tool to have at hand, and as a coach I am constantly referring to it on a weekly basis."

Tracey Burrus, LTA CCA Coach South Leeds Tennis Centre, United Kingdom


Your Tennis Coaching Academy is An Essential Tool for My Tennis Development!

"After joining the website I have found it an essential tool with my development as a player, especially when travelling around the UK to tournaments. 

Dena Daly, 14 yr Old top 20 ranked player Cumbria, North England 


Thanks Guys!

"Your tennis drills eBooks have helped my tennis coaching staff provide more variety to their lessons. 

Jim. W, Texas, USA


Awesome site!

"Keep up the good work, I never knew just how much there was to learn as a coach." 

Meg. P, South Carolina, USA