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home | Tennis Speed / Agility
Tennis Speed / Agility
Tennis Training for Speed and Agility

Speed, Agility and Footwork Training for Tennis Players!

Find out how to become a faster and more agile athlete on the tennis court through these great speed training articles, drills and resources. You will find speed training drills and exercises, tips and advice as well as step by step programs related to speed training for tennis players. This section also includes agility and footwork training for tennis players.

Be sure to check out our "Tennis Fitness Training Drills" eBooks where you will find step-by-step instructions on how to perform tennis-specific training drills.

Tennis Speed and Agility Training 

Tennis Agility Training Drills
Tennis Agility Training Drills Agility training is a key component for all successful tennis fitness sessions. The drills in this eBook are "Tennis Specific" and mimic the movement patterns required by tennis players. Agility training is a key component for all successful tennis fitness sessions. The drills in this eBook are "Tennis Specific" and mimic the movement patterns required by tennis players. . . . keep reading
Tennis Training - Speed Training Drills for Tennis
Tennis Training - Speed Training Drills for Tennis Tennis Training - In this Speed Training Drills eBook for Tennis Players you will Find: Topics Including: Introduction to Speed Training, What is speed?, The role of speed in tennis, Injury concerns, How do you train to become a faster athlete and 29 Speed Training Drills for Tennis Players! . . . keep reading
Part 2 Developing Blazing Speed for Tennis - Strength Training
This is Part 2 in the importance of strength training to imrpove your speed on the tennis court. . . . keep reading
Tennis Instruction - Split Step Fundamentals
Tennis Instruction - Split Step Fundamentals The key to hitting a great shot in tennis is preparation. If a player is unprepared for a shot, the ball will not go where they expect. In fact, the result may be an out of control shot. This article addresses preparation and the importance of a split step. For those players that are unfamiliar with the split step, I will give an in-depth explanation and talk about when it should be used. What is a split step? . . . keep reading
Part 2 - Developing Blazing Speed for Tennis - Step 1: Flexibility
Why are some athletes more flexible than others and why do some respond more quickly when performing the same stretching program as other athletes? Well, the answer often lies in the contributing factors that inhibit flexibility. . . . keep reading
Part 1 - Developing Blazing Speed for Tennis - Step 1: Flexibility
Now we get into what I call the " 8 steps to developing blazing speed." These have been put together through many years of experience as a tennis player, coach, as an exercise physiologist to Olympic and professional athletes and through working with some of the best speed training coaches in the world. . . . keep reading
Part 2 - Power Training and Speed Training for Tennis
Areas of Concern When Plyometric Training - After spending many years with coaches from a variety of sports in developing and designing their fitness and conditioning programs; it was quite apparent that many coaches did not know how to properly implement a plyometric program. . . . keep reading
Tennis Training - Developing Blazing Speed for Tennis
Tennis Training - Developing Blazing Speed for Tennis Tennis speed training - Part 1. Strength training is required to help develop a "base" from which an athlete can build upon and become faster. Strength is required before power training and it helps to lay the foundation for overall body conditioning. I have found that strength is the single most dominant factor in predicting and also improving speed. It is not the only factor but it is definitely the main one that can bring about the most significant results. . . . keep reading
Color Cone Agility Drill for Tennis
Color Cone Agility Drill for Tennis Purpose: This drill trains the athlete to respond to audible calls and make quick decisions. They will be working on multiple-directional changes and improving reaction times. . . . keep reading
8 Cone Agility Tennis Drill
8 Cone Agility Tennis Drill 8 Cone Agility Tennis Drill. The set up for this agility training course involves placing 8 cones staggered from each other, 5 - 8 metres apart in two straight lines. Cones in opposite lines will be diagonally opposite. The distance between cones can be adjusted to meet your needs of space availability or as shown above you can set-up the course on the tennis court. . . . keep reading
3 Line Agility Test for Tennis
3 Line Agility Test for Tennis This agility drill can be used as a way to test a player's speed and agility as well as using it as a training drill. The drill can be performed on the tennis court as shown, or with cones on an oval. . . . keep reading
"Ball Hopping" for Tennis Footwork Training
This drill can also be made more challenging by using a different size ball (soccer ball). Have the players stand a good distance apart from each other. At first, each player will have a learning curve with this drill. Upon several repetitions they will soon learn to control the ball. . . . keep reading
Part 1 - Power Training and Speed Training for Tennis
Maximum power is trained when the athlete works in a range of between 95-100% of their maximum intensity. All too often athletes perform these power training drills at a low intensity thus defeating the purpose of overloading the muscles and maximizing you time spent training. Plyometrics has become the standard for power development with many trainers. . . . keep reading
Developing Blazing Speed on the Tennis Court - Core Training
Developing Blazing Speed on the Tennis Court - Core Training When an athlete devotes some time to developing and strengthening the core then they are improving their speed. The core plays an important role in balance and stability during sprints. It is also important during the loading phase of plyometric training. As a result this is why strengthening the core precedes power training. . . . keep reading
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Great Tennis Coaching Reference!


Over the last few years, tennis has evolved into a physical battle. Many times the difference between winning and losing is not so much how you hit the ball, but how well you move and how long you can last. When I am working with a player, I emphasize a foundation based around anaerobic conditioning and correct movement technique.


The Tennis Fitness and Tennis Drills eBooks are a great reference for coaches and players to find drills and exercises that allow them to reach their physical potential and maximise on-court results.


Mark Wellington, MA. CSCS. PTR Tennis Performance Specialist

Former Fitness Trainer to Maria Sharapova, Daniela Hantuchova and Xavier Malisse

Great Tennis Coaching Tool!

Having been in the tennis industry for over 30 years, I have seen many changes to the approach to coaching. The Tennis Drills manual is a great coaching tool as it provides hundreds of drills designed specifically for you the coach. I have used this manual at my three tennis centres in order to help train my staff, it's great for inexperienced, experienced and elite coaches.

Richard Foley, Director VTA, Melbourne, Australia


Your Tennis Academy is a Fantastic Resource!

"The GTC tennis coaching and fitness manuals have been a fantastic resource to my lesson plans and overall coaching. The manuals have aided me to keep my lessons fresh and interesting, as the manuals provide hundreds of new and innovative drills. Not only has it been a great resource for myself, but also for the coaches assisting me, as well as the coaches starting out. These manuals have been a worthwhile investment that I would recommend to all coaches"

Steph Collis,  TCA Development Coach Head Tennis Coach, Melbourne Australia


A Very Practical Tennis Coaching Website!

Thanks Global Tennis Coaching for producing a very practical tennis coaching manual and website. This is the first coaching manual that I have purchased that has specific drills that are easy to follow with the necessary progressions that relates to different standards. Thanks for making my job easier…"

Matthew Breeze, Tennis Development Officer, South Leeds Tennis Centre, United Kingdom

An Essential Tennis Coaching Reference!

"As Tennis Coaches it is a constant battle to come up with and invent new training drills and exercises to keep our players interested and eager to learn.  Having used the Global Tennis Coaching Drills manual over the past 6 months I have found it an essential reference when planning weekly lessons.  It is a great coaching tool to have at hand, and as a coach I am constantly referring to it on a weekly basis."

Tracey Burrus, LTA CCA Coach South Leeds Tennis Centre, United Kingdom


Your Tennis Coaching Academy is An Essential Tool for My Tennis Development!

"After joining the website I have found it an essential tool with my development as a player, especially when travelling around the UK to tournaments. 

Dena Daly, 14 yr Old top 20 ranked player Cumbria, North England 


Thanks Guys!

"Your tennis drills eBooks have helped my tennis coaching staff provide more variety to their lessons. 

Jim. W, Texas, USA


Awesome site!

"Keep up the good work, I never knew just how much there was to learn as a coach." 

Meg. P, South Carolina, USA