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home | Tennis Lesson Plans
Tennis Lesson Plans
Tennis Lesson Plans

Tennis Lesson Plans and Programs!

One of the most common requests from coaches is that they would like to have a huge library of tennis lesson plans, drills and exercises. In this section you will find tennis lesson plans for private lessons, group lessons, squad training sessions, ladies drills, beginner lessons and college workouts.


Tennis Lesson Plans 

Tennis Lesson Plan - Hard Court Preparation
Tennis Lesson Plan - Hard Court Preparation Tennis lesson plan designed to prepare tennis players for play in Hard court tournaments. Aim - Implement effective hard court tactics & movement. Technical - Take the ball on the rise. Tactical - Aggressive court position including "ghosting' to the net; Adaptable game plan Mental - Confident and controlled aggression Footwork - Recovery . . . keep reading
Squad Grass Court Preparation Tennis Lesson Plan
Squad Grass Court Preparation Tennis Lesson Plan Tennis Lesson plan aimed at preparing squad players for grass court tournaments. Aim - Implement effective grass court tactics & movement. Technical - Flatten strokes and shorten swings. Tactical - Aggressive court position including net attack, Slice serve and stokes Mental Alert and positive. Footwork Quick lateral movements and split step. . . . keep reading
Squad Clay Court Tennis Lesson Plan
Squad Tennis Lesson Plan to help players prepare for clay court play. Aim - Implement effective clay court tactics & movement. Technical - Heavy Spin (Top, Slice & Kick). Tactical - Wide Kick Serve; Control the Point with your Strength Mental Emphasis on concentration & determination Footwork Defensive shots & Recovery (slide) . . . keep reading
Advanced Doubles Positioning Tennis Lesson Plan
Advanced Doubles Positioning Tennis Lesson Plan An advanced doubles lesson plan aimed at introducing different doubles formations and increase the dynamic net play of students. Key issues include:-correct placement of serve; correct timing of cross. Confusing opponent return options with the aim of dominating the net in doubles. . . . keep reading
Doubles Tennis Lesson Plan for Squad Players
A sample tennis lesson plan for squad level players to work at doubles. Emphasis on building Team Work and synergy in Doubles. Develop tactical thinking and positive net play. . . . keep reading
Beginners Doubles Tennis Lesson Plan
Beginners lesson plan designed to practise the skills necessary to play a game of doubles, specifically, techniques to: 1) to start the match (spin the racquet etc), 2) learn the positions to start the game and learn to move after each point, 3) "call the lines" identifying shots that are in or out, 4) develop the concept of team work and which balls to go for.... . . . keep reading
Intermediate Doubles Tennis Lesson Plan
A tennis lesson plan for intermediate players to work at doubles. Specifically the skills of poaching and developing the teamwork to be an effective doubles player. . . . keep reading
Designing Tennis Drills - Federer Style
Roger Federer not only has the exceptional physical gifts but also a sharp tennis brain that helps him gain th eedge over his competitors. This article explores the method which Federer uses to design his practice drills - 1st analysing his opponents strengths and weakness' and then determining the strokes and strategies needed to beat them. He then hits the practice courts and masters these strokes and strategies through repetition... . . . keep reading
Designing Tennis Drills - Federer Style [Part II]
In the previous instalment of the "Federer" File we introduced Roger's unique style of designing his tennis training drills. Federer records all the shots, patterns and tendencies of his opponent and then constructs a strategy to counter his opponent's moves. . . . keep reading
Squad Tennis Lesson Plan e-book
Global Tennis Coaching
Squad Tennis Lesson Plan e-book As coaches it is so important to have a map; to know where you are going; and having tennis lesson plans provides that map. The GTC Lesson Plan e-book is a 32 week guide for your developing players. Squad level players will have progressed through both beginners and intermediate stages and emerged with a real passion for tennis and motivation to really take their game to the next level. . . . keep reading
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 Tennis Coaching Members Testimonials
Here's What Our Online Tennis Academy Members Are Saying ...

Great Tennis Coaching Reference!


Over the last few years, tennis has evolved into a physical battle. Many times the difference between winning and losing is not so much how you hit the ball, but how well you move and how long you can last. When I am working with a player, I emphasize a foundation based around anaerobic conditioning and correct movement technique.


The Tennis Fitness and Tennis Drills eBooks are a great reference for coaches and players to find drills and exercises that allow them to reach their physical potential and maximise on-court results.


Mark Wellington, MA. CSCS. PTR Tennis Performance Specialist

Former Fitness Trainer to Maria Sharapova, Daniela Hantuchova and Xavier Malisse

Great Tennis Coaching Tool!

Having been in the tennis industry for over 30 years, I have seen many changes to the approach to coaching. The Tennis Drills manual is a great coaching tool as it provides hundreds of drills designed specifically for you the coach. I have used this manual at my three tennis centres in order to help train my staff, it's great for inexperienced, experienced and elite coaches.

Richard Foley, Director VTA, Melbourne, Australia


Your Tennis Academy is a Fantastic Resource!

"The GTC tennis coaching and fitness manuals have been a fantastic resource to my lesson plans and overall coaching. The manuals have aided me to keep my lessons fresh and interesting, as the manuals provide hundreds of new and innovative drills. Not only has it been a great resource for myself, but also for the coaches assisting me, as well as the coaches starting out. These manuals have been a worthwhile investment that I would recommend to all coaches"

Steph Collis,  TCA Development Coach Head Tennis Coach, Melbourne Australia


A Very Practical Tennis Coaching Website!

Thanks Global Tennis Coaching for producing a very practical tennis coaching manual and website. This is the first coaching manual that I have purchased that has specific drills that are easy to follow with the necessary progressions that relates to different standards. Thanks for making my job easier…"

Matthew Breeze, Tennis Development Officer, South Leeds Tennis Centre, United Kingdom

An Essential Tennis Coaching Reference!

"As Tennis Coaches it is a constant battle to come up with and invent new training drills and exercises to keep our players interested and eager to learn.  Having used the Global Tennis Coaching Drills manual over the past 6 months I have found it an essential reference when planning weekly lessons.  It is a great coaching tool to have at hand, and as a coach I am constantly referring to it on a weekly basis."

Tracey Burrus, LTA CCA Coach South Leeds Tennis Centre, United Kingdom


Your Tennis Coaching Academy is An Essential Tool for My Tennis Development!

"After joining the website I have found it an essential tool with my development as a player, especially when travelling around the UK to tournaments. 

Dena Daly, 14 yr Old top 20 ranked player Cumbria, North England 


Thanks Guys!

"Your tennis drills eBooks have helped my tennis coaching staff provide more variety to their lessons. 

Jim. W, Texas, USA


Awesome site!

"Keep up the good work, I never knew just how much there was to learn as a coach." 

Meg. P, South Carolina, USA